Woolwich Polytechnic Art Block


Woolwich Polytechnic Secondary School has developed a two-storey eco-building to accommodate their growing intake of students. They tell us how the building has inspired a connection with nature and has given their school a brand new look. This is the first of 3 phases of construction which will ultimately provide space for over 600 pupils.

The two-storey eco-building contains eight classrooms and now has the space for an extra 210 pupils and eight staff. It has helped the pupils form a new connection with their natural surroundings. Choosing to place the art department within the new building was a very good decision. When the pupils are working on their latest project they are able to use the natural inspiration around them. There is now a solid link between the school and the environment, making it easy to flow between the outdoors and indoors.

YouTube Video: Woolwich Polytechnic Art Block in Thamesmead, by TG Escapes